Top Ten Google Chrome Extension for Bloggers which help to Check Stats of a Site

Top ten Google Chrome Extentions
Top ten Google Chrome Extentions

All Blogger are very much conscious about their blog stats like Alexa rank, page ranks, traffics, SEO stats etc. In this post you will come to know about the top ten Google chrome extension for checking site stats. If you are a new blogger and not checking these stats daily, than you must start doing this for your blog. Not only for our own blog we must check stats of others blog and sites also.

 If anybody want to check a particular stats of a site like site rank, page rank, or Back links than he must check the stats manually by going to some sites like Alexa or using some software’s. But that process will be very time taking and take lots of time to check all stats. And as it takes Lots of time you are not going to do this for each site. It reduces the efficiency for sure.

So what is the solution?? Yes using extension for your browser is the best solution for above problem. Extension are API which run over your browser take very less bandwidth and give you instance result for your requirement. So we must use extensions.

In this post I am going to give you top ten Google chrome Extensions for checking different type of traffic stats for a websites like Alexa rank, Google Page rank , similar site search ,Link checker etc.

Top Ten Google Chrome Extensions

1. Alexa Traffic Rank Checker
Alexa Tool bar Google Chrome Extentions

Alexa is a very important factor which is directly related to the success of any blog or site. We can’t say whether a good Alexa rank site is always good but at least we can say that site has very good traffic in internet market. So checking alexa rank is important so we can use this chrome extension to keep ourselves updated with Alexa rank of sites and blog. .

2. YSlow.

yslow Google Chrome Extentions

YSlow is extension provided for chrome which analyzes any web pages and suggests you the ways to improve performance which are based on some set of rules for high performance web pages. It gives grades to web page based on different criteria. It also offers suggestions for you to improving the page's performance and all related stuffs

3. Sites Like.

Some time we encounter a site which is efficient and useful for us but that site is not enough for us. We need few more similar site to it to maximize our benefits. So one way is we can search it in Google or second and best method is use Sites Like extension for Google Chrome. This Extension will help you to find list of all similar site with a single click. .

4. SEO for Chrome
This extension will give you page indexed in different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. It also give the detail of Back links, Search stat, Cached, Social stats, On-site, Domain Detail and Traffic Detail of Page. It is very interesting extension which gives you so many details about a page. .

5. Website and SEO analysis
This Extension give some where result as above extension but in extra it also give security detil of that webpage and social status for that web page. Use this extension for knowing the detail of any page by one click. 

6. Traffic Rank Tejji
It gives you the traffic rank (Alexa) of site and also the statics of last one month and last three month traffic data. .

7. Web Rank SEO.

Web Rank SEO Google chrome Exension

This extension will give you page indexed in different search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It also give the detail of Back links, Search stat, Cached, Social stats, On-site, Domain Detail and Traffic Detail of Page along with the graphs of traffic analysis. You can directly check the traffic graphs by using this extension. .

8. Google Adsense

Google Adsense Extension Google Chrome Extentions
adsense extension

Almost every Blogger use Google Adsense account for publishing ads to their blog. They need to check their earning each and every time. So why always go to the Adsense home page and check your earning, Install Google Adsense extension and check your earning directly.

9. The Cone Local Traffic.

The cone Local traffic Google Chrome Extentions

Some time we need to analysis the local traffic for a page. This extension help to get the local traffic for the page.

10. Check My Link.

Check my Links Google Chrome Extentions

If we are visit a page which is full of external or internal links. You might be confused about the validation of links. Checking all links individually is not possible always. The Check my Links chrome extension will help you to checking the broken and dead link. It scan the page and highlight the unbroken link with green background color and highlight the broken links with red background color. 

So you are now aware of top ten Google chrome extension which will surely help you get a detail of any website without wasting too much time. So Download these Google chrome extensions and start taking benefit from it.

Google Chrome Extentions

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