how to Increase Torrent trackers to Increase torrent downloading speed


Trackers are the most important while you downloading any file through torrent.Trackers help you to find the peers or seeds for your torrent file.If the trackers will be good than you can utilize the full downloading speed from torrent client.
Generally trackers are downloaded as default while you start your torrent file in torrent client.But latter you can update those tracker for better downloading result.
In this post I am going to show you how can you update your torrent tracker manually and change it.

Update Torrent trackers

Go to Your Torrent Client Interface.
Go to the downloading torrents Tab.
Right Click on any Downloading torrent and click update Trackers.
Torrent update Trackers

that's it your tracker will be updated automatically.

Get The torrents Trackers List and update trackers for Torrent manually

Go To This Link for List of Trackers

Go to Your Torrent Client Interface.
Go to the downloading torrents Tab.
Right Click on any Downloading torrent and click Properties.
Torrent Properties

Copy Paste the Trackers in to trackers Section there.
Increase Torrent Trackers

Click Ok and you are done.Enjoy the good torrent downloading speed with this simpler tracker update.
In this way you can Increase you torrent trackers

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  1. I will try this trick....hopefully to work
    thank you

  2. Nice Method, but emerging technology of torrents are dependable only 5% on trackers rather than Seeds and peers.
    Source :

  3. Can you speed up my torrent ? if you can then download Teamviewer
    Please . . .

    My email is

  4. Awesome! Sudden Boost in Speed!!

    1. which tracker have you used...can you name it.

  5. hope this will help me , thank you for the good work

  6. Nice piece of information, keep it up

  7. hey my speed boost to 1 to 80 kbps

    1. Glad its worked for you .. Thanks and keep visiting :)

  8. It Works!!! Boosted the torrent speed to sky high!! Thanks man

  9. working and speedup

    BTW, how to update 100 torrents with this method at one time?

  10. Is there any torrent client that provides a way to add trackers to a list of torrents or to save the updated tracker lists in the torrent files? uTorrent doesn't.

  11. The second is that numerous torrents are phony torrents. This implies they will claim to be a certain something however as a general rule will be an infection or malware. how to torrent safely without vpn

  12. The speed of the download will depend on two things; the number of other users sharing the file and the number of other users downloading this same file torrentz2 movies..