Google unveils Google Glass Project Augmented Reality Eyewear

Google unveils Google Glass Project Augmented Reality Eyewear

Google Glass project became has got its first official video teaser which is now live on Youtube.In this video a person is wearing Google's augmented visual aid.

What is Google Glass Project!!!

Google Glass Project is a project launch by Google(Officially on 4th march when Google launch its teaser video.In this project Google promise to make a Eye wearn which will work like our computer screen.We can control it through our voice and eye movement.(This is something like The Terminator Movie!!! :-) )

Official Google + Page for Google Glass Project!!

Please Refer This Link for google + page

Google + page for Google glass project

Google Plus Page for Project Glass 

This Video explain how any one can use this Google glass for listening music watching videos or for chatting with friends.

Official Google Video for Google Glass Project!!!

This the official Google video which is uploaded by google on Youtube...

Features of Google Glass Project

  • There are 14 different options offered to the user when the glasses are first put on.
  • Give information about the weather, their location and diary appointments.
  • Alert pops up when a friend sends a text or Call and you can reply or answer the Cal
  • Google Maps for showing you route to your Destination
  • You can take a photo of what you looking at with an option to sharing
  • You can have a video conference service with your friends

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