How to Get More Followers on Instagram

How to promote your project on Instagram, when mass-liking and mass-following are no longer work? How to stand out when the competition is constantly growing? Lucy Adams, a blogger from essay writing website, knows the answer.

promote your project on Instagram
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About 400 million of active users (30% of the total number of the Internet users) with ¾ of them outside the US, 80 million photo updates and 3 billion likes every day, accounts with 50+ million followers…obviously, Instagram is at peak now, so it becomes harder and harder to stay on the crest of a wave, let alone entering the platform.
Low-quality content (even if sponsored) won’t bring you desired results. For successful promotion, you need to give people something worthwhile. Something attractive that will be in demand among followers. Therefore, the best way is to start the promotion of your account with revealing your competitive advantages.
Remember that you will not have a second chance to make a first impression, so try to hook users instantly. Pay attention to the following points:

  • Relevant name and picture. This is the first factor that predetermines whether users will visit your account at all. You need a bright, interesting and understandable description. Try to fit in these lines the most important information about yourself or your goods/services. Instagram was designed a social network for photos, but now it’s also used as a video and text blog. If you’re willing to use the platform this way, choose a more neutral picture for posts so not to distract users from the text. If you can’t write well enough, use the services of copywriters.
  • Hashtags. The post popular ones are almost useless. Firstly, because they are updated every second and your photos quickly get lost in the general stream. Secondly, they are so littered with a huge amount of advertising and users rarely browsing them. Thus, medium and low-frequency hashtags is a reasonable choice and helpful instrument to collect GEO-oriented traffic (for example, #pizzacompton). Another good practice is creating a navigation system based on tags inside your account.
  • Content plan. Schedule the posts for at least a week in advance, evenly distributing them. It's comfortable and makes you able to accustom followers to updates.
  • The reverse reaction. Likes are an indicator of the quality of the photos, but this format is not suitable for text-based blogs. In the last case, the comments will be your quality indicator.

In 2016, Instagram is even more business-oriented. The era of moms who post pictures of their children is gradually receding while people seek to obtain useful content and important knowledge.

promote your project on Instagram
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There are free and paid methods of promotion. Well, starting from scratch, you can ask your friends to subscribe. When the account attains some popularity, you will have better chances to use mutual PR. The trick here is that you have to divide your PR actions, so not to make users stumble upon the link from what they’ve just passed to your profile. Mutual PR works, but only if a partner is reputable and trust enough.
If you are relying on long-term and serious development, mass likes and follows are not the best way. There are some empirically determined restrictions:

  • 1 thousand (un)follows per day and 160 (un)follows per hour.
  • 1.5x likes of the number of your follows (for instance, 1500 likes per day for 1000 followed accounts)
  • 200 comments per day. Try to comment adequately, outside the box, and in a non-commercial way. A great tactic is engaging in discussions with other commentators.

By the way, an account with very few followers but a lot of follows looks poor and unnatural. On the contrary, if a visitor sees thousands of followers and only a few follows on your page, it looks quite credible in his eyes.

promote your project on Instagram
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I don’t recommend using standard advertisement offered by Instagram. The caption "Advertising" can adversely affect the attitude towards you. In addition, such advertising costs more.
The remaining advertising can be divided into three types:

  • Advertising on publics.
  • Advertising on stars’ accounts.
  • Advertising on bloggers’ profiles.

Probably, the latter is the best option due to the fact that bloggers often provide helpful information that is perceived as something credible. In addition, unlike publics created with the sole purpose of advertising, bloggers’ profiles are not so much spoiled with advertising.

A good way to determine really useful blogs is to look at the comments. If they are real and qualitative, the advertising on this page will likely to be effective.

Another promotion trick is holding a contest. Well, in this case, you need a well-promoted account.

In general, you need to come up with new formats. Organize useful non-commercial projects, "free marathons", assuming a subscription to all curators, seek partners, combine efforts, and finally, you’ll get much more followers than you have now.


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