Top 5 Sites to Learn Anything Related to Technology

Top 5 Sites to Learn

Internet is a best place for learning new things. If you face any problem you can refer to Internet first. You will find there solutions of every type of problems. I will prefer you to Google or Wiki your problems and you will be surely find solution.

Internet is also a ocean of knowledge. So if you want to learn something than you can learn easily from Internet. Many tutorials are available here which will clear your topics in easy way. You can also find many forums which will discussing your problems with you so that you can get the best solution for your problem.

You will find many site which will connect you to the people from different part of world like Facebook you can use many other social networks and communities which will connect you with rest of the world.

Here I am giving a list of Few sites which will help you in learning through Internet and also telling you how you make valuable use of that site to maximize your gain from it.

1. Google

Google is a best search engine to search all of your problems. Google don't give you direct solution to your answer but it show all result which may contain your answer. You have to click the link suggested by Google and find your solution.

Google is best site for search. It is much more better than other searching sites like yahoo or Bing. Google have many sub categories which help you in in there own way. They are Youtube, Google map, Google Blogs, Google plus, Google Adsense, Google Groups etc. You can learn full detail about Google from my post "Exploring The Features of Google" .

You can also earn through Google by applying for its Adsense programs. How can you apply for adsense you can learn it from my Adsense related post by clicking here.

2. Wikipedia

Second best website for the learner who want to learn from Internet. Wikipedia is open source library which have many technical and non technical topics explained in a detailed. Wikipedia is frequently updated by users from all over the world so its data is accurate always.

You can find all the detail information about any one of your topic. It may me related to physics it may be chemistry it may be some theorem it may be some law or it may be a movie name also Wikipedia give you the detail information about the topic you enter. Enter any random country name and Wikipedia will give you full detail of the country. Really its best site which is over all the books of world.

3. Facebook

Facebook is largest community network in present situation. And the most important thing is that we don't get bore even after spending lots of time over Facebook. 

So still the question is how could we learn. Facebook groups are the largest gateway for you to enter into the world of knowledge. Yup Facebook groups, may be till now you are never gave attention to any groups because you never joined a nice group.

Facebook have so many groups related to all your interest.  just search for it you will find the great group according to your interest.  Join the group, add as many groups you can. It will give you more chance to learn.

For example if you are interested in photography than go search for photography groups and you will find lots of groups related to your search.

Next thing is the the socialization. you get socialize by using Facebook. If you are checking your status daily than you will come to know all the news that is happening around you.No need of reading newspapers and all.You will get right and correct information through your friends updates.

4. Stack Exchange

Here come the next website which teach you web development, coding and so many technical things with its huge database of questions and answers. This is best site for Learner, beginners and professionals . Stack Exchange is a question and Answer site. If you face any type  of coding issue you can ask here free of cost. There are so many pro users available here which will help you instantly. Stack Exchange have many sub sites like Stack Overflow and superuser.



Best site from yahoo to answer your all type of questions. Really you got answer of your almost every question even if your question is weird. Another site which is my favourite not exactly as a technical point of view but as a general.You can ask questions there and they give you points for your questions also.

This site is very interesting site you must try this site when you are trying to find answer to some quires.

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