Make Virus infected Computer Virus Free Without Format

Make Virus infected Computer Virus Free Without Format

You may be tired of your virus infected windows computers. In such situation virus even don't allow you to install any software like antivirus. You cant open your command prompt also. Some of you even don't have antivirus.Than only option in front of you is to format your computer/laptop and reinstall your OS. But this is not the only solution. Formatting required lots of time also you will loss your all data ( at least data from drive containing your OS ). Some people don't know how to format computer and reinstall OS.They probably prefer to go to some computer expert and give them money to repair their computer/laptop. So why not try a alternative method which care your computer for free and remove viruses from it. 

Here I am going to mention some easy steps which gonna care your computer.You have to download some software which is not more than few MB's in size. I am providing you link for them.I will also give you link of few free antivirus at the end so that you can permanently remove virus from your computer.

1. First of all you have to go to the user account control of your window and create a new user account..

Make Virus infected Computer Virus Free Without Format

**remember that you should create a account as standared user NOT AS ADMINISTRATOR .

2. Now after creating a standared user account log off ur current account and relogin with the new account you created.

3.Beware Dont click any link or any popup application in this account untile you finish the whole procedure.Even dont run any application which is install previously.

4.Now download the free antivirus from here  Click Here

5. Download the Advance System Care from here  Click here

6. Both of above are Free software (add free) so download its free version only.

7.Now install antivirus first to your computer.

8.While installing the program required a administrator privilege. So provide your administrator password their. In case of windows XP user You have to right click the program and run it as the administrator

**Note You should remember your admin account name and password so keep that in mind.

9. Now after finishing the installation Run full scan of your Computer.

10. All of your virus will detected by antivirus and your computer is free from virus.

11. Now install the Advance System Care software to You computer and run it. After running this software You will find a option deep care click that button. After completing the process click the fix button.

**Note Again while Installing the program required a administrator privilege. So provide your Administrator password their.In case of windows XP user you have to right click the program and run it as administrator

12.After this Your computer is clean and free from all type of virus and bad things.

13. You can now use that old  administrator account I prefer not to use your old user account ( administrator account). If its not necessary for you to use that old account than i prefer don't use that.Create a new account with Administrator rights.

14. This way your computer can cured from infected virus and malwares.

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