Top Ten Google Search Tricks 2012

Top Ten Google Search Tricks 2012

Google is a largest search engine in this world which has answer of every query you want. Only we have to know the trick which will help us to find the correct and most acceptable answer by us.So only firing query is not important to google we have to take care about many things while searching with google as well as we have to also care what we are exactly searching and how can we get our relevant result.
This post will tell you about the many new and old searching tricks of Google.

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1.Selection of Query for Searching

 Yes this is most important point you must keep in mind while searching with Google. Appropriate query selection is most helpful factor for search engine. If you are not using a unique query for your search than search engine may show you a lots of result related to your query and many results will be useless for you.
So its better to select a Unique query for your search.If you want to search for “hacking tool” than instead of using “hacking tool” query we can use “hacking software tools list for hacking windows” which will optimize our search and give us relevant result.

2.Use Google Advance searching Tools for Your Search

Google provide us advanced searching tool tab just righ side of google home page.Many of user not know or use this tab for their search.This tab is very useful for optimizing our search result.

The Image Shown is the Tab provided by Google.Tab contain Following options-
You can modify your search by time.It will help you while your search is depend on time.Like if you are searching for news which you just listen from your friends.You want to verify it from google.Google it and select "Past hour" in time section.All result will be change according to time and result which were update last hour will be shown to you.
2.Site with Image
This option will help you to finding sites which will contain images.
3.Related search
Select if you want to show the result related to your query only.
4.Visited Page
This Option Will show only those pages which were already visited by you.
5.Not Yet Visited
This Option Will show only those pages which were not yet visited by you.
Show result from social sites.
7.Custom Location
You can change and set custom location for your search.If you want to Search result which is near to your location than you can use this tool.

3.Use Google Calculator, Currency Converter,Time Zone  and graph

We must use these basic google tool to save our precious time.These tool provide you the direct answer to your question.
Google Calculater

Type any mathematical Equation in your google search box and hit enter.You will find the result of that equation in google results.

II.Currency Converter

Currency Converter

Type 10 dollar equal how many euros and google currency converter will give you instance answer.

III.Google Time 
Google Time

Find the local time for any region in this world by simply asking the Google in google search box.Ask Google what time in India and Google will display the local time for India in search result.

IV.Google Graph
Google Graph

Type any equation which is valid and having a valid graph in X-Y-Z plane,Google will show you the graph for your equation.
If you type x+y in search box the graph showing in Image will display.

4.Google Image Search to Search Image files

Google Image search is latest feature added by Google.You can now search any image which is located in your local computer Hard drive.
Google Image
Go To and Drop Your Image (By dragging it for your Computer) to the Ares show in home page.
You can refer above Image to understand.You have to drag and drop your Image in That square field area.

5.Search Result from a particular Site(Result of query only from site you want )

If You are searching for a particullar search query and you want result from your selected site only than you can use this trick for your google search.For Example If you want to search software and want result from only than use this trick.Use " your query" to search your result.Refer the Image below.
.Search Result from a particular Site

6.Get  Search result from Google by using your mobile phone and SMS service

Use Google mobile service to search for your query while your are not reachable to Internet.If you have your mobile phone with you than you can connect to Google at any Instance.
 Search result from Google by using your mobile phone

7.Search for a particular file format in Google(for Downloading)

If You are Searching for a particular file format in Google search than better you add the file format extension after your search query.If you want to search PDF file than add .pdf after your query like
"your query .pdf
Search for a particular file format

8.Searching Mails in Gmail

Gmail is service provided by Google for storing mails.We can store large number of mails in google mail i.e. Gmail.So If your Inbox is full of useless messages and you want to search them by a single query than use a PIPE(||) operator between your search queries.The Image shown below will clear the concept of using II between your query.
Searching Mails in Gmail

9.Searching a Blog using Google Blog Search

Use Google blog Search Service if you want to search only blogs.Go to This Link For more detail.

Searching a Blog using Google Blog Search

10.Google Image Search with advanced searching tools

Google Image Search with advanced searching tools

Google provide Advance search tools for while you searching Images in Google Search engine.

Use this functionality when you want to search Image according to size.Google will offer to modify your search according to Large,medium Icon and larger than Options.You can also select a Exact size for your image,than Google will show the result which will contain the exact size of Image.
2. Color
You can search image even by its color.Select the desire color and get the result of image belong to your selected color.This option is very helpful while you searching for background wall and searching for wall with a particular color.

3.Image type
You can select the Image type also i.e face,photo,clip art or Line drawing.For example if you are searching for "Paris Hilton" and don't want to appear result for any city Paris than use the type face for your search.

So these are Some basic Tips and Tricks for Google Search!! Hope you Like this Post.Please Subscribe to my Blog Feed for updates.Please also read post on Google voice Search 

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