Download Instructions for Internet Users


When a file which is present in remote computer or server is copied to local server via some protocol like FTP, SFTP or some time TCP/IP , process is called as downloading.
Download Instructions for Internet Users
Download Instructions for Internet Users

Downloading Instructions

1. While downloading file always check the source of download. Never download files from untrusted source. 

2. Before downloading file check file extension. Check if the extension is correct or not. If your downloading PDF file than file extension should be .pdf. If extension is not .pdf for PDF file than you should stop downloading that file as it can be virus.

3. Always check the URL of file before start download. Some time website providing downloading link put so many sponsor links near to actual download link. You will get confuse which link to download and which to not. Best way is check through links. Right click on link and copy. Check it by separately pasting it into some text editor. If link contain your file than only download it or click it.

4.  Use download manager software while downloading. You can read benefits of downloading manager software from this post.

5.  While downloading torrent follow simple steps to increase your torrent downloading speed.

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